We're Fucked

I feel I should make a long rant about Mighty 9 and why the classic Megaman gameplay by itself won't hold on modern days.

However, right now, I can say I never liked the 3d grahpics they are using. Call me old-fashionable, or hipster, but I enjoy my pixels.

Even if you don't want to go with an 8-bit looks, there are lots of good stuff you can do with 2d graphics, like Mark of the Ninja, or Skullgirls.

3d graphics on 2d games never appealed for me. Because you have a fixed camera, you can do some super nice animation to give the character life. but 3d will look lifeless in comparision.

I also feel most2d games do a better job in separating the action on the foreground from the background scenery.

I could go on, but I think internet's honeymoon with Might. 9 is over, and there will be lots of negative criticism coming from this game on the coming months.

p.s. They also picked an ugly Roll.