I watched Nintendo Treehouse and decided to give my 2 cents about Splatoon.

I'll open saying if I had a Wii U, I'd buy it, and this is probably the highest praise I give to any game. The visual are charming, and the game seen like the closest I could get of the fun TF2 experience on a console.

This said...

I found the matches on the Turf mode very short. The streamer died twice and suddently it's already counting down to the match end.

Also, the weapons seen very imbalanced. The Splattershot seen very weak with it's charge mechanic, and it poor ability to paint the scenery made it for a high risk, low reward kind of deal. Think TF2 sniper.

On the other hand, the Roller seemed op. Imagine a Pyro with melee range, but which insta-kill anyone which he touches, and ALSO paint the ground while doing it. Even if you manage to kill him, he covered so much ground so fast you will need rollers on your own side to undo the damage.

Outside that, it seemed like a fun game, and perhaps the game will be balanced in the future. I mean, Demoman used to have SIX grenades in the beta...