Unless I'm wrong, we have 4 former Champions fighting for the Redemption Vote in the upcoming Summit 3 vote, but this year been rife with roster changes and doesn't surprise me some of the most prestigious teams took too long to stabilize and performed badly on the qualifiers.

Anyway, here is the teams the girls are pledging their support this year...

Anne-Marie: Alliance, since EE-sama is supporting them

Jane: Leviathan, coz Murica.

Alek: Team Empire, because DAVAI, DAVAI!

Morgan: Newbee, because she really don't want to "win"

Angie: Ninjas in Pyjamas, because of their fun name.

You need to buy the Summit 3 compendium to vote but you can always cheer on the sidelines for your favorite team (or girl) to win.