The Emperor New Design

After a short wait (in Valve time, 6 months is basically instant) we got our Faceless Void redesign.

To start, let me say I liked the old Void design. I was totally expecting to keep using the old model if the new one sucked, and was led to believe you could toggle between both.

The good news is the new model is basically the old one with small changes. Some tattoos, higher polycount, better textures and some small changes like the removal of the hooved feet.

The bad news is if for any reason you enjoyed the old model, you can't go to the old one anymore. You'll take your tattoed hooves-less time lord and you'll LIKE it.

Personally, I feel it was a wasted opportunity. The changes are too minor.

I believe Valve realized they could not change the model too much because this would create conflict with the old cosmetics and this would create a problem to people creating new sets which would need to decide which version they should pick when creating a new item.

However, for people who hates Zeus and Viper current versiond there may still be hope since they have no cosmetics and Valve is free to change his model totally.