Puzzle Bullshit

I been enjoying Bioshock Infinte in a way I did not enjoy Bioshock.

To start, I find Columbia far more intriguiing and beautiful than Rapture. The gunplay is also better so I don't need to kill everything with melee plus shock plasmid.

And Elizabeth is a more endearing companion than the freaky little sisters.

And honestly, all companions should be able to give you free money from time to time.

Now, moving to the strip... part of me think maybe, just maybe, that puzzle was harder back them, maybe you had to open your inventory and check for the note, but I suspect lots of people got stuck there and the developers said "fuck it, make it as simple as possible" so they made the whole "remember the note" sequence.

But I'm nitpicking. The game is good, though I feel I'm enjoying the exploration and story more than the actual "shooter" part. Not the shooting part is bad, but I much prefer the plot and world this time.