Virtual Reality

Oh boy, my fanboy is showing...

When I heard about the Oculus Rift, we were fresh from the launch of Kinect, which  did very little in terms of pushing gaming foward unless you really like dancing games.

I'm not an early adopter, usually you get a unrefined and overpriced piece of technology which will either be a piece of crap OR be replaced by a new, better version months later but hell if I don't want to be the first on line for the Vive.

I believe doing the VR jump will demand lots of expertise. There is both the technological aspect to make a fine piece of hardware but you also need to make  good games to run on it, and both those things cost money.

Theorically, companies like Microsoft or even Facebook could use their money to buy the experts but pick Microsfot as an example, they don't want Kinect to be a gaming plataform but a fancy multimedia gadget which sits under your TV and do all TV-related things, not only games. This lack of focus made the Kinect end up as a glorified remote with no relevant game.

I expect Facebook to follow the same suit, making the Oculus some kinda of multi-purpose VR unit for gaming, TV and whatever, which is fine, but I don't expect a game-changing... game... to come out of it.

What I expect of the Oculus is a bunch of tech demos which may one day turn into a good game... eventually. But they will trip over their own feet trying to be too many things at once.

Now Valve, they don't play around. They have the skill, the focus, the money and the lack of a board of executives demanding stuff and making cuts.

My virtual body is ready.