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I remember when I played Homeworld, I captured so many ships the game stopped loading the colors. Any new ship would be rendered black.

As far I know, the game limits how many ships you can produce, but not how many you can have. So by capturing it you could go far beyond the limit. Capturing Ion Frigates was a favorite passtime of many Homeworld players.

Because I was fearing to literally break the game by making it crash I stopped capturing by around 20~ Ions, which was enough for a pretty light show.

My favorite ship was probably the corvette. I just enjoyed the visual and the little cannons thou it get pretty obsolete prety fast.

Special mention for the pilots voice acting. They change their responses based on how bad or good a battle is going, and by their voice alone you can recognize if a specific group of ship is facing a losing battle and react accordingly.

I still remember the fighter pilots saying something like "looking good" if they were wrecking shit and the panicked lines of "Fire! Fire! Our carrier is under fire!

Justice be said, the carrier could endure an good ammount of punishment so I never cared about him being under fire. Sorry Carrier Captain, I'll send some help.. eventually.