Den Mother

I end up writing a short arc just to properly introduce a new character on Nerf NOW!! Everybody please welcome Maggie.

I been playing Quake 2 to the side and I'm surprised of how much I'm enjoying the game. It's my 2nd time playing it and while the graphics are dated it's the kind of FPS I enjoyed.

I see how FPS are today, and how FPS used to be and think "am I wrong? Are the modern shooters better and I'm living in the past unable to evolve?"

I can't give a shit about modern shooters with their slow movement speed, reliance in cover and 526 different kind of rifles. I don't care about the "deep" story, or the Michael Bay cutscenes, or pressing X to pay respect.

But given how much the genre sells and how much fun people are having, I guess perhaps I'm outdated.

Now get out of my lawn!