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Possible Deux Ex spoilers to follow.......

I finished Deus Ex and my final opinion about the experience is "meh". I blame myself mostly because I was expecting a more traditional RPG and got a stealth game. Surely, you can (try to)  go Rambo but it just doesn't feels right. It's hard to explain but invading a military base guns blazing "feels" wrong, but if you choose to do that all you need to do is to kill more or less 20 guards and perhaps a couple of robots and than you are free to roam undisturbed, and I'm talking basically about a whole chapter worth of baddies.

Also, the game is really about the 4 main entrepeneurs, Zhao, Taggard, Sarif, Darrow and their respective goals.

Jensen himself spend half of the game following Sarif orders,  the other half chasing his ex-waifu. Only in the very end he is given the some final choice which is basically to pick which side (Sarif, Taggard, Darrow) he wants to stick with.

A special note about his ex-something and main plot device, Megan Reed. The game kinda hints some kind of deeper relationship between both but never goes beyond that. She is obviously the main focus of Jensen but as player, I cared more about a PRAXIS kit. It's hard to relate to someone you meet at the start of chapter 1, exchange a few lines and disappear. Dead Space had this same problem with Isaac wife where the characters cares, but the player doesn't.

It's even worse to feel there is something dark going on with her. She is hardly a helpless damsel in distress working against her will, and she is surely not pure and innocent and yet, you (as Jensen) have this burning drive to rescue her because reasons.

Megan Reed being a possible manipulative bitch in a world full of conspiracies and betrayal add an interesting spin to the story, but surely doesn't reward you chasing her for hours. Personally, I do have this gut feeling she deserved a bullet more than most out there.

Still, the visuals are nice and the plot is not bad. It's just after a while I got tired of sneaking on air vents, hacking turrets and taking down guards while invisible. Shit gets repetitive.

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