Happy Birthday!

Hi folks

This post will be mostly Patreon related.

The January wallpaper is finished, I'm just doing some small tweaks here and there but I'll upload it shortly.

I also like to announce something extra...

As you may have noticed, I stopped accepting comissions. It usually takes too much time to be worth it but I do miss drawing something extra, specially more spicy stuff so I come up with this idea... the Cheesecake Gallery.

Every week I'll pick some girl (from the comic or gaming in general) and do a pin-up. The pin-ups will not be overly sexual, but tasteful and attractive.

The pin-ups will be split among the various Patreon levels, as so :

3 USD gives you a nice slice, with 1 pic per month

5 USD awards you double the fun, with 2 pics per month

10 USD nets you the whole pie, with 4 pics per month.

As you can see, the higher tiers will get a bigger slice of the cheesecake. Please check my Patreon here and a free sample of sweet fanservice here.

Bon appetit.