At soime point, people start expectating lots of stuff from End of the Line update. Promisses of new weapons, a new map with a new game mode... if the update took one more year I'm sure Jesus as a playable class would start to be whispered.

It was not meant to be.. the update had hats, a weapon reskin and that's it. At this point I don't know if its a case of unfufilled promisses or false expectations.

The argument I heard was the map was too confusing for new players. I also heard from different people the map just sucked and Valve was trying to sound nice. In the end we got no map and this is what matters.

Valve, please giff payload map. I don't care if you make it, pay someone to make it, or pick one community map and make it official, but I want to push little cart to new frontiers.