So Much

Blizzard released the card list for Hearthstone and I already started planning my future deck.

Despite Mechs being the theme, I did not saw a instant Mech combo. Surely there are some game winning cards who are mechs but I didn't find a Undertaker combo yet. Of course, those things take time and ZooMech may be the next big thing, who knows.

Special mention to the good and old vanilla Haverster Golem. With his upgrade to Mech status I feel he can easily fit on many new Mech decks.

A Mill Warrior deck with his new legendary seen pretty interesting. And perhaps a Ogre deck which ignore the 50% chance to hit the wrong target by just destroying everything on the table with superior power.

To close I feel Paladin is still the weakest class. They have some interesting cards but nothing game changing. At least his legendary can trade with a Magma Rager and still have enough health to kill a wisp next turn. Thats some serious value right there.