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Best Friends
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almost 14 years ago
I just love how the demoman is sipping his tea while the sniper is (on the brink of) gorging on liquor.
about 15 years ago
To be honest, my single complaint with this style has to be the white demoman.
about 15 years ago
That's what you get from sucking.
about 15 years ago
these are awesome.
about 15 years ago
Get out Bart, I am piss
Obso1337(aka Unluckyman)
about 15 years ago
@ @Unluckyman: Yes.
about 15 years ago
I really like your new style. I think it's MUCH better than that...anime-esque stuff. Though that's cute and nice too I just personally like this better.
Humour is 100% plus some and the Spy is making for the best lols right now. Hope none of these comments are getting you down.
Nagger please
about 15 years ago
People complain way too , the comic is fine.
Worst Noob Ever
about 15 years ago
about 15 years ago
Let me guess....Balloon Race?
about 15 years ago
Old style ftw.  I think having a speech bubble with a thumbs up,
and/or a speach bubble with a health '+' on fire as a medic would see
it would have kept this nice and simple.
Seems too... detailed?
about 15 years ago
DarkZero, when one puts their work on the internet, they are expecting, nay, welcoming criticism.
about 15 years ago
"I don't mind the new style, but in these two comics it's
unnescary to have the charecters talking."

It's unnecessary to have the characters talking except for the "fire fire fire" part... =\
about 15 years ago
Just stop with this style and start a Neotokyo arc already. =]
about 15 years ago
I don't mind the new style, but in these two comics it's unnescary to have the charecters talking.
about 15 years ago
I think I might be the only one who likes the new style...
about 15 years ago
Needs more Neotokyo.
about 15 years ago
i like the old style alot more
about 15 years ago
First one is pretty funny, but I still don't like the new style. I liked the use of colour in the previous ones and I felt it was part of the charm how words were always avoided in favour of clever pictoral representations.
about 15 years ago
Comic sucks, mate... I'm probably going to stop following the site if this style continues.
about 15 years ago
All this Sniper hate makes me sad :(
My name indeed
about 15 years ago
Lazy, eh. Sergio found a way of guilting the artist to change the style! A new level of cunning.
about 15 years ago
Sniper bullets always seem to have homing device built in to them that go for my head. I'm in a the middle of a crowd of 6 teamates as a medic, crouching, on a moving boat and I get head shotted on the sniper's first attempt. . . . He was on a moving boat too.
Thats why I hate snipers.
about 15 years ago
where di all the tans go?
about 15 years ago
Is it just me or this new "style" feels lazy?
about 15 years ago
I don't hate snipers, snipers hate me.
Whenever I have either 100% uber, I'm pushing the cart or I'm capping, I always seem to be the person that gets picked off first by sniper fire.
Incidentally, my most played class is Sniper.
about 15 years ago
Awesome ones, make moar at least in normal update days, pls.
about 15 years ago
Damn guys, it's a 4koma(4 panel) comic, short one shot type deals that are quick and easy to do.  This is not the new style, merely a simple break for the artist.
E-104 Epsilon
about 15 years ago
I miss the old style.... especially pyro-tan
about 15 years ago
Aww, I was hoping for a demoman-flavored 4th of july comic. 
Happy fourth to all!
about 15 years ago
If you don't like snipers it is either because you cannot get the faces or because they get all your faces. Either way you are face deficient.
about 15 years ago
The thing with at least this one is, that the text doesn't add anything that the graphics already delivered.
Imagine it without text, doesn't change anything, does it?
about 15 years ago
he should've asked for the pyro to puff him. That's what you get when you hold personal grudges, Mr. spy!
about 15 years ago
Everyone stop yellin at 'em about this new style and junk. Its not like you pay for this stuff, just let it be. We'll get some feedback sooner or later for now. shut up
about 15 years ago
The new style is good but ... the old one was far more better and original.
Poor spy ...
Constructive Criticism
about 15 years ago
You had a good thing going with the wordless comic. I really liked it. The words.. taint what was a good thing. The dialogue just isn't done very well at all. Sorry. Please go back to how it was before.
about 15 years ago
I dunno, I'm not so sure about the new style. It works to an extent, but I hope it only stays for this arc.
about 15 years ago
I lol'd, but then I serious'd.
I think the words really helped in the second half of this strip in that it alloweed you to know that it was the spy burning. idk.
about 15 years ago
I lol'd.  I don't think the new style's that bad.  Could have gotten the jokes from this one without the text, but whatever.  Don't mind the lack of colour either, makes it a little more interesting.
Negative Zero
about 15 years ago
Well at least it's better than the chibi. You know what it's a new style and somethings can't just be done without text. For example you wouldn't quite get the joke in panel 3&4.
about 15 years ago
These made me laugh pretty hard.
about 15 years ago
I like the new style and am glad to see the comic branching into new territory.  After a little while with this new approach I hope to see the strengths from both old and new styles come together.  But yes, don't get rid of the old style altogether. :D
about 15 years ago
wow this one was really lol

love how sniper and spy each had their own win there
about 15 years ago
I personally like the new style, the text is used conservatively, which still gives space for the overdone actions and whatnot.
Some more color would still be nice, though.
about 15 years ago
Basically what Orez said.
about 15 years ago
Indeed, seeing the characters act out their intentions instead of using words gave the comic a unique feel. You can get away with this, since we know the stereotypes/characters of tf2 so well already.
about 15 years ago
I don't mind the new style, but I certainly hope it isn't perminent.  Or if it is, it's a perminent addition, not a perminent replacement.
about 15 years ago
Yeah, I want the old style back. Sorry.
about 15 years ago
I liked the old style much more. :(
about 15 years ago
tbh id rather burn to death than be covered in piss...BOTH ingame AND in real life
about 15 years ago
What's with the words? I liked the way it was before, it had character.