TF2 was crashing all the time and I supposed it was related from the problems I mentioned earlier.

Turned Valve now put an server side option to turn-off the "wait" command on scripts, which makes some of then useless and have the added bonus of hanging tf2 if the script is called.

I got so used to the Autopistol script (the main culprit of the crash) which I forgot how slow the regular pistol is. Sure, I can mash the button to achieve maximum efficiency and develop carpal tunnel syndrome in the process but I got used to the script. And I miss it.

I always complained scripts like crouch jump,auto-disguise, rocket jump and auto-pistol made the game cheaper, but since Valve allows it I am not shy of using every shortcut avaliable.

But now, after 1+ year of playing the game that way, I can't say I am happy with suddenly having to play without it.

P.S. A cookie to whoever figures why Pyro went Demo.