Sniper Weapon



I needed to do something about the Spy vs Sniper update, and here it is.

Despite what today comic says, I am fairly happy with the way things are now. Sure, I enjoyed the old unlock system, but now you don't see a huge influx of snipers and spies which is a good thing.

Having half server playing the same class was very fun *to me* but I can see people hating it, plus, having your medic running away trying to melee the enemy medic because he want the bonesaw achievement was always distressing.

However, the less impatient between us, used to get all new weapons quickly using friends, hacks, grind or achievement servers isn't happy about getting his 3rd KGB, but I guess Valve will tune the system for better eventually, like the mentioned trading system.

And about the hats... my input:

Soldier - I like it

Pyro - My favorite! Do want!

Scout - Cool and scout-related.

Heavy - Its nice, but I'd prefer something russian related, really.

Engineer - Again, cool, but why not a cowboy hat?

Demo - Lol.

Medic - Ugly, but have it charm.

Spy - I though he was wearing a sniper hat at first

Sniper - Barely noticed any change.

WTB Pyro Hat, BLU Auction House. Paying 100 fortress coins. MSG me.