Grand Final

Early comic, because I wanted it up beforeThe International 4 finals.

Vici Gaming was not my 1st pick on the Internationla, but their gameplay was the one I enjoyed more. They deathball push punish greed line-ups and it force team fights.

Still, both Vici Gaming and Newbee (the finalists) are new kids on the block. Sure, many players are famous veterans of the scene but the team itself is new.

I guess even by chinese standards, they are not fan favorites so this final is "kinda" underwhelming. DK has lots of fans on the west and IG were the previous champions but I may be wrong since I don't know the chinese scene. This is, by the way, the biggest problem here, most of eastern don't know the chinese players and a china vs china final end up with no clear favorite.

Still, as long as they don't rat, I'll cheer for any team. So go Vici Gaming!