Some context.

Even more context... last year Capcom announced the new fighters for the new interation of Street Fighter, Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Four of the characters were imported from Street Fighter vs Tekken, which made it sounds a bit... economic? Still, you are picking all the 30+ characters from Super Street Fighter IV, plus new mechanics, and if you didn't play (or liked) SF vs Tekken they are basically brand new additions, right?

But there were a suprirse, fifth character which Capcom hyped about "never been in a SF game before" so the new fighters won't be just recycled material from other games.

So after months of wait, Capcom unveils Decapre, which is a Cammy with a diferent moveset but visually, it's just a masked Cammy.

I suspected something like that would happen because I believe there is no active 3d art team working on Street Fighter right now. Creating one just for Decapre would not do, and I already knew the four others were imported from another game. How you create a new character without a art team? You recycle an old one, of course.

Still, even I expect at least a different face / hair on the new fighter. It's lazy to a point it would be better if they just called her "Evil Cammy" instead.

But of course, they had to hype her as a brand new character, and the gap between what they hinted we would get and what we actually got is just too big.

Well, at least she isn't another shoto.