Road To Fame

Before I post the poll, let me say first why some girls were NOT chosen:

First, I decided any copyrighted character won't be a star on the comic. If you know a bit about copyright law you know the headaches this may bring. Sorry Minette and Lift-Her-Tail.

Also, any original character I did not create would also not be picked. Even if I have authorization from the author (like Cap-Tan long hair Engie-Tan / Sniper-Tan) this doesn't means he may not want to use the character in the future and ask me to stop using it. Some authors (like Zone) give blanket permission to anyone to fuck around (literally) with their characters but this doesn't means I can start using them like I own it.

To close, Mini-Medic was not picked because she is too young and need to go to bed before is dark. Child labor laws, and stuff.

Now, go vote people!