Blast From The Past

The whole "warcraft from the past" plays heavily on my inner nerd. I personally think Warcraft had more character when it was Alliance vs Orcs with the green guys being a tidal force of muscles and axes. The current Horde is just not a strong enemy and even if it was, they theorically have no reason to go out of their way to wipe the Alliance.

The new Iron Horde is the Horde of old, brute and focused on wiping their enemies instead of speaking with the elements about which way they should decorate their totems.

If you know the original lore there was lots of betraying and backstabbery on the Horde side, I ponder if story will repeat itself or we will see different winners now.

I also I did a small collaboration with David from Cosmic Dash, go check it specially if you think I'm not doing much fanservice lately.