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Soldier Evolution
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over 15 years ago
Fuggin' demo whores. I hate being in a server and a demo-maggot comes in with 850+ hours as demo with his own personal medic (Read: little brother being forced to play TF2)
A Dog And A Man!
over 15 years ago
Soldier died the day they made him take full damage from his rockets
over 15 years ago
I actually went from demoman to soldier (and then I alternate)

basically for me demoman is a big "I WIN" button
over 15 years ago
Arg, this comic only reminds me of my own failings. I haven't played Demo in so long, when I tried to pick it up again today I found I could no longer aim properly and was reduced to spamming pipes.
I'm going to have to re-learn how to play properly.
over 15 years ago
War Veteran Soldier be an enemy player flying through the air. =)
over 15 years ago
The soldier is awesome at taking out people from a short distance. Yet the demo has the ability to surprise enemies since people rarely watch the ground. Then KA-BOOOM.
over 15 years ago
Yup, yup, yup... THe Demoman needs to become his own class, rather than an "I can do anything at nearly any distance" class. I've played him for less than an hour and got 15 points in one life. Namely my 4th. He needs a nerf.
over 15 years ago
Demoman hardly ever lets me down:
3 Pipebombs straigth in the guts for the overhealed Heavy
3 Stickies for the Medic healing the Heavy
4 Pipebombs or 3 Stickies for the Sentry and the Engy
1 Pipebomb and a Sticky for the pesky Pyro  
1 crit Bottle for the Spy
The rest needs a bit more Ammo
I´ve made it.
over 15 years ago
Finally. a post here.
Bom trabalho
over 15 years ago
De novo mostrando pra todo mundo como amar um jogo e saber criticar ele.
Again showing the world how to love a game and even so being able to criticize it.
over 15 years ago
Take your lumps like a man, private twinkle toes!
over 15 years ago
Soldier is significantly more versatile than the demoman. Demoman has very powerful weapon yes in certain situation but soldier has a weapon for every situation
over 15 years ago
Demo is defiantly the anti-sentry/group class with its powerful direct hit area effect, but most noobs just spam pipebombs/stickies.
over 15 years ago
over 15 years ago
I find Demoman more spammy then the soldier, and it's easier to control the soldiers blastjump.
Infact i started as a demoman, just spamming nades and stickies from afar. I then evolved into a offensive engi/soldier sometimes solid snake pyro.
over 15 years ago
I would have to agree with this.  I started playing as Soldier, but then I became a better Demoman and I play demoman a whole lot more than I do Soldier now.
over 15 years ago
I though soldier shoots directly at the crosshair....but soldier is my least played so....

I know the GL & syringe/blut shoot to the right.
over 15 years ago
He doesn't shoot right, he shoots straight, but the gun is to the right of your screen, so its offset slightly. The same is true for Soldier (if you do a rocket jump straight down you will go slightly left as a result).
over 15 years ago
I love to airblast rockets from soldiers who just spam rockets as soon as they load them.
over 15 years ago
Man, at least the soldier can shoot straight (for those who don't know, Demoman shoots slightly up and the the right).
over 15 years ago
I never try to stickyjump as demoman. Not really worth it.
As for soldier, I do it all the time :P
over 15 years ago
I always considered the Soldier as a more skillful class than the Demomang.... but since when did BLU have a soldier?