Air Quotes

This post may contain some Mass Effect 1 spoilers, but at this I guess whoever cares about it already played it.

I apologize to anyone who did not played Mass Effect, you guys will probably not get this one.

If you did play it, you probably hated the Turian Concuil member and his annoying air quotes. I think he never accepted his pet Turian Spectre did not save the universe like a certain human Shepard.

Sadly, I will not have the pleasure to see his face when the Reapers pop on the know space since I let their ship be destroyed on Mass Effect 1. I did not made it by spite, I just wanted to focus all firepower on the Reaper ship and diverging ships (humans or not) to literally shield it so they could escape seemed wasteful.

You try to save the universe and is rewarded with Renegade points.