All Lings Go To Heaven

Starcraft 2 is a Terran game.

When you go attack a Terran base and find it yet again blocked by buildings and infantry while their Reapers freely harass your base I can't stop but ponder a good deal of the game was made for and by Terran players and somehow, at the middle of the road, they figured they needed to finish the other races too.

From retractable supply depots to stackable M.U.L.E.s, passing for mobile, safe expansions, Terran game is full of fallbacks and safeguards. Zerg need to win with units which blow themselves up making the slightest error a game loss.

I've heard some voices defending Zerg saying they are anything from reactive to a macro race, but I played Zerg on the original because it was fun. I don't get that fun in SC2 Zerg.

Yeah, I am biased.. and bitter.

Waiting for path 1.2.

P.S. Independent of game balance, I refuse to play until spawm larva is autocast. Many may argue Starcraft 2 isn't the game for me and, honestly, they may be right.