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Johnny the Hedgehog
over 6 years ago
Might be or might not be true...

I once planned to make a huge castle... I had to cut a whole mountain to level the place and to make the building... I ended up using a program to give me just the brick blocks...

Now I have a castle... Stored into a broken laptop... I have to remove that map..
over 6 years ago
Well, with projects like these, now that 1.8 is out, you can do them on Creative singleplayer OR multiplayer.
over 6 years ago
Well, it does take a long time.
That's why I usually built underground bases, and thus can do it one room at a time (after one room and some exploring I get bored, and play something else until I decide to carve another room).
But hey, it's still a great game.
Kave Johnson
over 6 years ago
I laughed cause one of the people on my MC server has almost finished a to-scale model of the White House, legitly (okay, he had some labor hep, but he built it out of legit materials)
almost 7 years ago
Minecraft is an interesting, and devastating concept: It demands too much time and effort.
We know about the amazing things that could be done, but the force invested could be used in the real world. This is the thing that makes me fear online games and building games, oh, and also Fallout 3.
almost 7 years ago
I find building nice buildings to be much easier in Terraria. Three dimensions are just too stressful D:
almost 7 years ago
Sometimes I'll do the standard building in Minecraft. Usually I just make blocky rooms for my stuff, then add more on until I have a crime against architecture.

I did once terraform an entire desert into a lush forest, with several houses, all by sheer willpower and lack of a life.
almost 7 years ago
I've spent far too much time in MC and don't have much to show for it. I usually end up half way through a construction and realize it isn't nearly as big enough as it should be to fit the detail I want in it, and end up with a land of half-finished castles.
almost 7 years ago
I never got the hang of above-ground constructions in Minecraft. Apparently, when I turn into a 2 metre tall block man, I'm actually a hobbit, and just hollow out hills and make them look pretty inside. It's often pretty hard to see what I've done in MC :P
almost 7 years ago
well they use crafting mods and stuff to instantly place shit without the material requirements
almost 7 years ago
This is what happens when I touch minecraft :p
almost 7 years ago
Everyone who buys HIB3 (Humble Indie Bundle 3) will get to play 12 full games excluding the special offer of being able to play minecraft till 14th this month when they pay more than the total average. Plus it is supporting charity. That's two birds with one stone.
almost 7 years ago
I actually pulled panel 1 off, but there's dirt pillars everywhere. The tower's also ~25-30 blocks high, and this is just from my free trial with the HIB3.
Doc Lithius
almost 7 years ago
Maybe that's my problem. I never plan anything out. I just build whatever comes to mind with no rhyme or reason. ... whereas in Terraria -- something I never thought I'd play as much as I do -- I build houses for NPCs. :B
Sylvester Ink
almost 7 years ago
Sauerbraten. A much more fun way to be creative ingame. And once you finish your creation, you can run around in it and shoot people. The game needs wider recognition.
almost 7 years ago
Id start small and then expand
almost 7 years ago
Number of projects on the go: 3
Recently completed: 1
Total completed: 6

2/3 success rate.
*plays more minecraft*
almost 7 years ago
So many unfinished projects, so little time
almost 7 years ago
You should do what I did, start with a desperate thrown together shack that just barely keeps the creepers and zombies away and then start haphazardly adding on new wings and rooms and towers until it looks halfway cool.
almost 7 years ago
What I watched
What I expected
What I got
T Chicken
almost 7 years ago
I build a sky city with COBBLESTONE!
almost 7 years ago
my beef with minecraft is the slow process of carving out the materials.
Liro Raeriyo
almost 7 years ago
jeez i remember projects like that, one of the projects i started 4 months ago and still havent finished (like i could...) was a 3000x300x60 box underground, suffice to say, 5,400,000 blocks mined later and ill be building a megacity of dwarves, that being said... ive only mined about 2 mil blocks
almost 7 years ago
About the only beef I have with Minecraft is the mod community. The game is okay and fun enough but there are a lot of mods that are really cool!... and lots are made by a bunch of jerks. Sure, they get a lot of annoying questions -- modding Minecraft ain't easy. But some get full of themselves.
almost 7 years ago
I don't do fancy projects in Minecraft usually for this very reason. Usually I go for quantity over quality, ie. building a few simple, large structure or a lot of smaller ones.
almost 7 years ago
Im use MC edit. And now i finish my biggest castle with FUCKING DOBLE TURRETS ON TOWERS. I finish.
almost 7 years ago
TBH, i dont have that much trouble... but i tend to play SMP with some friends and if i get bored with one project i play another.

: i have one of those built as well, i use it for running redstone tests... or dueling... give each fighter 5 arrows and a bow (no armor) and have them go at it.
almost 7 years ago
No luck with MCEdit?

As for architecture, I value function over form, so my bases usually have size so i can reach anything from the middle, and are 50 meters underground (15th layer, to be exact)
almost 7 years ago
My truest feelings about this game:

almost 7 years ago
almost 7 years ago
I built a huge tower during the free weekend thing.
I'll admit, it was pretty fun (but I only did it once my Internet died, so I didn't really spend much time on it), but after that, I lost all desire to play this terrible "game." I was going to build like a huge tower bridge thing, but I said nah.
almost 7 years ago
I remember, back on an old server, that the server´s Mod crew built an insanely huge octopus out of stone, glass and obsidian. It was so big that you could clearly see it on the world map, and it took 20 people and 5 months.
(Note that this was done the ol'skool way , not by using Mod tools)
almost 7 years ago
The "and despair" made me think of Ozymandias. 'cept the projects aren't finished in this case.
almost 7 years ago
I once built an entire city in MC. My friend who helped build it secretly put tnt underground all of it. Needless to say, I now have a crater instead of a town.
almost 7 years ago
Minecraft in a nutshell.
almost 7 years ago
For all your fanboy needs, An Engie-Tan skin



almost 7 years ago

Don't remove the mountain. Hollow it out and make it part of the castle.
almost 7 years ago
This comic. Every time.

"Aww yeaa I'm done with the roof"

*sees crappy house*

*burns it to the ground*

almost 7 years ago
I normaly start off with something small like building a starting house. then i continue with something a bit bigger, but at the moment i am stuck wondering how I am going to remove that mountain that is located where i planed to exspand my castle.
almost 7 years ago
I recently spent a few days trying to carve out and underground dome, with a circumference of 45 blocks, and total of about 20k blocks carved out.

Now that I'm finally finished with it, i have no clue what to put in it.
almost 7 years ago
I spent a good three days building a massive tower that reached up to the limit of the sky. The son of a bitch took so much stone, but it was beautiful.

And then the save file got corrupted and I lost it :(
almost 7 years ago
At first I thought you meant you ended up playing terraria.
almost 7 years ago
I made a white house in MC, twas beautiful