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Eric Rexman
almost 8 years ago
My family bought it on Wiiware.
over 8 years ago
I took advantage of it and bought it. i payed 3 dollars, but I wished I payed much more. 2D Boy REALLY deserves the cash fo doing something so spectacular.
over 8 years ago
Gentlemen, I purchased this game back shortly after its release, when Steam had a sale of 75% off. Got it for $5.

Inventive, but I found some of the puzzles frustrating. I still need to go back and finish it. Still, worth every penny of the $5 for which I bought it, at least.
over 8 years ago
The goo is extremely delicious.
over 8 years ago
I bought it awhile back off of Steam. I paid $2.25 to get it for Mac and Linux. Its definitely worth at least $10.
over 8 years ago
Absolutely love this game.

Shame on you if you were one of the penny pinchers. WOG is one of the few indie games (not Valve indie) actually worth more than $20 IMO.
over 8 years ago
Aw...Cute lil goo was all happy, but then is now all sad. And seeing cute be sad makes me sad too. ;_;
over 8 years ago
I really lovethis game!
It's absolutely worth the 20 Bucks :D
but it doesn't work in steam
over 8 years ago
i acctualy bought it for a dollar, could not buy it for $0.01
over 8 years ago
I saw the WoG thing over on Rock Paper Shotgun, and it looked like more than half of the people who bought it actually paid at least a dollar.

There were even 4 people who paid 50!

I got it when it was released for 20, and it was worth every penny for me.
over 8 years ago
indie brawl I mean.
over 8 years ago
don't worry goo at least you get to appear in brawl.
over 8 years ago
Poor goo :<
over 8 years ago
I have this game, and I'm trying to remember if I paid for it.
I think I might buy it again just to make sure.
over 8 years ago
@Marcus: No matter what, there will be a limit to supply. Energy, time, (packaging for actual boxes). The world doesn't run on limitless energy.
over 8 years ago
Maybe I'll give this a try. Maybe.
over 8 years ago
So what did the goos actually get in the end? Or was this it?
over 8 years ago
World of Goo is made by 2D Boy, a company composed of exactly TWO people. That still didn't stop it from being massively pirated. This isn't an evil corporation, it's two people who want to make a good game and get paid! The piracy surrounding this game is disappointing.
over 8 years ago
Actually, Word of God on the WoG sale is that the venture was successful, with 29% of all downloads volunteering to pay $5-$10 for the game.

So yes, the "majority" may be for 0.01, but with a healthy minority ponying up decent cash for the game... it still was a success for the devs.
over 8 years ago
@Eternal: PayPal takes $0.30 PLUS 2.9% of every transaction, under normal circunstances.

That being said, they don't charge transaction fees for *donations* taken from PayPal balance (they do charge for the credit card operation), and the WoG sale was configured as a donation drive.
over 8 years ago
@Darthcaboose: supply and demand doesn't apply when the supply is infinite, like all software products.
over 8 years ago
World of poo...
over 8 years ago
*sigh* Having no credit card sucks. Anyone want to buy this for me? :p I'll send you two pennies, you can keep the change. :D
over 8 years ago
I bought it before the 0.01 thing happened, and it's awesome.
goo is cute :)
over 8 years ago
over 8 years ago
I feel bad for the little guy :(

this comic made me sad.
over 8 years ago
ZeroCool157, I love you and your reference. well, your reference, at least.

Also, I havent bought this game, but a local store actually has it for 3 dollars, so that's incentive.
over 8 years ago
They could have chosen to use something else. Paypal is one of the shittier services available.
over 8 years ago
@Eternal: False. Paypal takes ~$0.3 per transaction.
Spygas: Embodiment of Gentlemen
over 8 years ago
You said there'd be cake!

over 8 years ago
Bought it a while back for 5$, totally worth 10$

All of the people who paid under 2$, not one penny was actually received by 2dboy, paypal ate it all because of transfer fees and such so you in effect COST them money. Shame on you.
over 8 years ago
Keep saying it's all about supply and demand. If the producer says "Screw it, we'll give as many copies as you guys want for whatever the price", then you're going to get a lot of people buying it at $0.01!
over 8 years ago
I actually payed 5 bucks for it. They made enough out of the sales, even with it being an old game.
over 8 years ago
well; we're referring to World of Goo, the awesome one, not Battlefield Macho 5000.
over 8 years ago
I am a big fan of WoG I would at least pay 5.00 minimum
over 8 years ago
I payed 19.99 for it last year, it's definitely worth $10 though. If you buy it at your price, don't be a cheap ass, give em at least a buck!
over 8 years ago
I played the demo and disliked world of goo.
I shan't even pay a single cent for this game.
over 8 years ago
This makes me sad D: